Marital/Sexual/Relationship Issues

Sex addiction is a family disease. Both partners have been part of the problem and both must be willing to participate in the recovery process, individually and together. Couples who are willing to identify and to work through individual issues such as family of origin difficulties, possible past traumas or neglect, and the need for better skills to cultivate intimacy, can do well in recovery. At City Gate we provide the necessary tools to help you and your spouse get through these issues.

Could My Spouse Be Addicted?

When to Seek Help?

Below is a list of some compulsive sexual behaviors:

  • Repeatedly using sexual or romantic obsession to avoid or medicate stress or other unpleasant feelings.
  • Engaging in random sex affairs or ongoing relationships that become destructive to the health and well being of one’s self and others.
  • Attempting to stop self-destructive obsessions and behaviors, ( i.e., phone sex, strip clubs, massage parlors, pornography, prostitutes, anonymous sex), but failing to do so, despite the risks or consequences.
  • Internet cruising for sexual material or anonymous conversation that causes a negative disruption of everyday life.
  • Increasing sexual and romantic activities because current level is no longer satisfying.
  • Experiencing mood swings created by the obsessive/compulsive pattern.
  • Spending a great deal of time obtaining, involved in, or recovering from sexual or romantic behavior.
  • Neglecting important social, occupational or recreational activities because of sexual or romantic behavior.

If you, your spouse, or someone you know identifies with one or more of these behaviors you may need professional and peer support for recovery. Please contact the City Gate LRC Team to set up an appointment.