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What Is City Gate Life Recovery Center?

Counseling For:

Individuals: Men and Women

Sex Addiction/ Compulsive Behaviors
Family/ Parenting
Stress/ Anxiety

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What is Sexual Addiction? Addiction may be present when one’s sexual behavior results in significant distress and continues in spite of adverse consequences. This behavior may include: Patterns of Sex Addiction/ Compulsivity Fantasy Sex– sexually charged fantasies, relationships and situations. Arousal depends on possibility.  Obsession & preoccupation prolong feeling. Masturbation may be compulsive. Anonymous Sex […]

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Expert Witness Carol Conklin uses her expertise as an expert witness for cases related to Sex Addiction or Sexual Health. ABEL Assessment City Gate Life Recovery Center is a certified ABEL Assessment test center. We specialize in the  Abel Assessment for sexual interest–2™ (AASI-2) which is a complex test used by mental health professionals to […]

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Mission Vision

Our Mission At City Gate, men, women and adolescents are given the opportunity to progress through the stages of behavioral change, and heal from past and present trauma or stressors. Counselors utilize Best Practices including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Harm Reduction, EMDR, Trauma Focused CBT, and Prepare/Enrich. What is the problem? The sex industry is growing exponentially, […]

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Couples WHAT TO EXPECT: The first three to six months of couple recovery are usually the most stressful. Both partners will experience a wide range of powerful feelings. There are often difficulties in the areas of communication styles, intimacy levels, sexuality, spirituality, parenting, past trauma, and finances. Identification of the sexual addiction/coaddiction systems, although painful […]

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Where to Seek Help? City Gate is a place where you or someone you care about can go to receive the help and guidance that is needed during the journey towards recovery. Having the courage to begin the healing process and making a change can lead to freedom and a better life. At City Gate […]

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Families and Couples

Sexual Addiction: Family Impact and Family Treatment The behavior of sex addicts has profound effects on partners, children, parents and siblings. The addict is usually partially or totally unaware that their behavior has affected their loved ones. Families develop unhealthy coping skills as they strive to adapt to the addict’s shifting moods and behavior. Curiously […]

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Break Through Denial

Could I be Addicted? Could My Spouse be Addicted? When to Seek Help? Below is a list of some compulsive sexual behaviors: Repeatedly using sexual or romantic obsession to avoid or medicate stress or other unpleasant feelings. Engaging in random sex affairs or ongoing relationships that become destructive to the health and well being of […]

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Links and Resources

12 Step Programs The Sexual Recovery Institute has a list of 12 step programs for recovering from sex addiction. Stop It Now! Stop It Now!® prevents the sexual abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed. Visit our Online Help Center at http://GetHelp.StopItNow.orgfor guidance […]

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