At City Gate, men and women work are guided through the stages of change, and can heal from past trauma. Evidence-based practice is utilized in a welcoming, confidential environment.

      Individual, couple, and group counseling is available for a number of issues:

      • Sexual Addiction/Compulsive Behaviors
      • Marital/Sexual/Relationship Issues
      • Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse
      • Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma
      • Other Mental Health Problems
      • Substance Abuse
      • Alcohol Abuse
      • Marital Relationship Issues (Drugs/Alcohol)

      Powerful therapy groups are provided for:

      • Men recovering from Sexual Addiction
      • Women recovering from Sex/Love Addiction
      • Women healing from the trauma of partner’s sexual behavior
      • Couples recovery from relationship issues
      • Male survivors of sexual abuse
      • Women survivors of sexual abuse
      • Substance/Alcohol Recovery Group

      Note: City Gate LRC accepts Independent Health, Medicare Part B, Tricare, Univera and Blue Cross Blue Shield. If your insurance company is outside of those listed above, you are responsible for payment at the end of each session. However, we do provide statements at the end of each month that may be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement should you have out of network coverage.