Expert Witness

  • Carol Conklin uses her expertise as an expert witness for cases related to Sex Addiction or Sexual Health.

ABEL Assessment

  • City Gate Life Recovery Center is a certified ABEL Assessment test center.
  • We specialize in the  Abel Assessment for sexual interest–2™ (AASI-2) which is a complex test used by mental health professionals to assess individuals with sexual behavior problems.

Seminars & Workshops

Carol Conklin has done many different seminars and workshops for a variety of organizations. Some of these workshops include:

  • Love & Sex Addiction: a 21st Century Challenge
  • Healthy Marital Boundaries
  • The Secrets of Great Marital Sex
  • Internet Pornography: A Slippery Slope
  • How to Affect Change in a Sexualized Culture
  • Sexual & Substance Use: Relapse Prevention and Long Term Recovery
  • Sex and Technology: A Tangled Web of Influence on Children and Adolescents

Business Consultant

  • Carol Conklin is a consultant for businesses who have issues related to the inappropriate use of internet and technology at work or professional boundaries that may be crossed at work.