Blog & News: Welcome to the City Gate LRC Website!

Welcome to the new and improved City Gate Life Recovery Center website. We’ve worked long and hard to get this up and running and we are really excited about the way it has turned out. We hope you enjoy it as well and find it easy to navigate. If you are having any trouble with anything please leave comments below and let us know as we are still tweaking some things.

Just some stuff you should know about the site:

  • The top image menu focuses on the basic issues regarding sex addiction and also the basics regarding Carol Conklin and the City Gate LRC
  • The main menu on the left sidebar has more in depth information regarding what treatments are available at City Gate as well as contact information and detailed information about Carol Conklin.
  • The blog posts will be regularly updated. They will consist mainly of different news stories surrounding City Gate LRC and Carol Conklin. We will also post about theĀ  events that we have coming up and Carol will post stories about her reactions and opinions to different current events involving sexual health. You can find all of the posts under the ‘blog’ section on the image menu. Also on the left sidebar there is a section title “archive” were you will be able to view the different posts by the dates they were published.
  • TWITTER!! Please follow us on Twitter! @CityGateLRC On the sidebar you will find the “My Latest Tweets” section which has a feed of our latest news and comments via twitter. If you have a twitter account be sure to follow us on twitter yourself!

If you have any questions regarding anything please leave a comment below. If you would like to set up an appointment with Carol Conklin please call us at 716.883.7713 or email us at

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